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Manufacturing Operations

Manufacturing Operations

H&H Manufacturing Operations are dedicated to producing high-quality products at an affordable cost on time. Our people, process and equipment come together to add value to material and produce goods for our consumers all across the globe.

We have highest quality, capability and hygienic product processing plant at Indore.

Our plant is designed as per current CGMP, FSSAI norms adhering to ISO, NSF, HACCP guidelines. Our manufacturing plant is designed as per ISO-8 ( Class 100K ) area classification norms.

World-class manufacturing layouts, equipment, USP grade DM/RO water systems, environment-friendly utility, lean process and supply chain design provide us with an extra advantage over our competitors.

Our Guiding Principles for Manufacturing: -

Total Productive Management value stream targets zero downtime, zero defects and zero accidents through improved equipment reliability and team involvement.

Lean Manufacturing addresses quality, cost and delivery by designing world-class manufacturing systems to reduce lead times and increase flexibility. Six Sigma to address quality and productivity through projects while reducing variations and improve process capability.

Leadership Development focuses on the important role of all strata leaders in managing and motivating the teams to achieve their objectives on time.

Quick Response is a strategy for reducing lead-times across all functions of an organisation. The resulting improvements in speed and responsiveness increase the organization’s agility and cost, resulting in a competitive advantage in future times.

Our Lean Way of Thinking

The 8 Wastes