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QHSE Policy

QHSE Policy

We are committed to continually enhance our product quality and the respect of the products we manufacture, store and distribute maintaining consumer trust in our process and systems through the development and implementation of quality, food safety systems and standards adopting best practices in our lean value stream.

Product Safety & Compliance

H&H ensures the safety of products, packages and operations for our employees, consumers and the environment. We carefully evaluate the safety of all products and ingredients before they touch our consumers, using well-established risk assessment methods to understand both hazards and potential exposures to life and planet earth. Our product safety evaluation is a mandatory part of the product research, development, operations and value stream design at the early stages of product inception.

H&H will ensure that all products and packages are safe for consumers and the environment when used as intended.

H&H will validate that our operations are safe for our employees, associates and the environment.

H&H will meet or exceed all applicable regulatory requirements with respect to product safety and labelling all over the world.

H&H will provide all information related to our product safety and packaging to concerned parties with relevant and appropriate factual details.

The Environment, Health, and Safety Policy intends to be established concerning Environment, Health, and Safety – (“EHS”) at H&H India and its domestic/overseas subsidiaries (“H&H Group”). The Policy also ensures that H&H Group will conduct manufacturing, storage, distribution and corporate activities that conserve the environment, protects the health and safety of employees and its associates all across the world.

We shall comply with applicable national and international laws/regulations and voluntary standards pertaining to EHS activities.

We shall establish EHS management system and undertake initiatives in promoting EHS activities on regular basis.

We shall design and establish our plants, process, equipment and utilities to save energy and generate less waste through recycling and reuse of resources to reduce the impact on the environment.

We shall audit, identify, list and eradicate all EHS related hazards, risks through periodic assessment and implement necessary control measures.

We shall provide education and training to all concerned employees and associates to improve their understanding, knowledge and skill in safe work practices, occupational health and environmental conservation.

We shall share/disclose all information related to EHS activities proactively, and make efforts to communicate with all concerned parties/authorities.